Might Good Leadership Involve Reminding People of Jesus Christ, and Who Jesus Is?

Having been reading about the authoritative and authentic significance of the words ‘good’ and ‘goodness’, I write hoping that this may enable those in positions of leadership to become truly good leaders.

We so need leaders who display and exemplify strength and courage and care and compassion, without any sense of bullying. I hear of bullying in the workplace and in schools and colleges – and in fact in most areas of life.

Good leaders should be able to remedy this almost immediately, but they themselves have to have their own lives in order – and that is perhaps where the difficulty lies.

We even speak about the ‘good Samaritan’. Jesus Christ never did. Jesus simply speaks about a Samaritan.

Jesus never described people as being good. Does that surprise or even shock you?

So – what is the fruit of goodness which the Holy Spirit desires to grow within us? Sometimes we have to describe things by what they are not.

You will find the fruit of the Spirit of God listed in Galatians Chapter 5 and verses 22 and 23. Take time to read them and ask God to help you grow these qualities and characteristics and put them into practice in your every day lives. It is not easy!

In I Corinthians 13 Paul describes LOVE in seven negative ways and then in seven positive ways.

Would you like to be regarded as a loving leader and a leader who cared and showed compassion and understanding, and who did so with a degree of purity and integrity?

The words ‘good’ and ‘goodness’ are used so freely that we have to be clear on what they do not mean.

I’ve heard people speak about those who are good living – and we have to ask – what do people mean by that? It is never used in the Bible.

What is your definition? Describe it.

We are told – that in some circles – a man is described as ‘good living’ if he doesn’t get into trouble – if he keeps out of the hands of the police. Do you realise, that would exclude Jesus?

That would also exclude Peter – and John and James and Paul and Silas.

You might want to be excluded from that Fellowship. I don’t!

So – what does it mean? Because that description is completely meaningless and without any value in the eyes of God.

Goodness is a quality which God Himself grows in the life of the disciple.

It is a quality which God Himself plants in the inner parts of a person, and it is grown in the life that is surrendered to Jesus Christ, and where the Holy Spirit reigns and rules.

It is nothing to boast about, because it is totally the work of the God of Love and Grace and Mercy and Peace.

It is like kindness, in as much as it is an attitude. It is non-verbal. You don’t hear people speak about it. You feel it flowing in certain situations.

You sense it flowing in times of prayer. You cannot describe it. It is like when someone comes up to you and says – “You are different – you have changed.”

Peter experienced that. Paul experienced that. These men were changed.

Think of these lines in that great song of the Church of Jesus Christ – “Courage brother do not stumble. Some will hate thee – some will love thee – some will flatter – some will slight!” Why do these things happen?

Goodness has been described as, “The impression a Christian makes as he moves on his way, blissfully unaware that he is reminding people of Jesus Christ.”

Perhaps we can go no nearer the definition of this supernatural goodness that – “reminding people of Jesus Christ”.

Something grows in you and then flows from you that reminds people of Jesus Christ, and they may even be convicted of their sin.

Oh, for more leaders and people in places of leadership and responsibility, who act and serve and lead and live like that!

“Gracious and loving God, help me to die to selfishness and self-centredness and putting myself first. Help me to be kind of leader You want me to be and to lead with compassion and authority and integrity, just as Jesus Christ did.”